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 DR SHOW Shampoo & Wash


The Dr Show Rug Wash is a high grade enzyme based concentrated laundry powder with eucalyptus added to formula to help repel insects.


The active ingredient in the formula removes protein stains to clean the rug by effectively removing the protein stains. The other benefit is the formula destroys any bacteria present in the rug.

Expect about 50 washes from a 2kgs which is about $0.50 per wash load depending on the size of your machine. Just remember to not overload your machine and most importantly dissolve the powder in warm to hot water before adding it to the wash.


Refill packs



Dr Show Knots Away is a high quality pure concentrate formulation containing cosmetic grade ingredients and no added water.
Knots Away will not only release stubborn knots but once your mane and tail are knot free and you have thoroughly worked the product through the hair you will notice enhanced colour and shine and the hair will have that full bodied appearance.



To use: Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and then proceed to massage the product thoroughly from the top to the tip of the tail using a raking action with your fingers spread. Starting combing the hair and you will find the knots will free up instantly as the product comes into contact with the tangle. 250 ml bottle


Dr Show Horse Shampoo cleans the horse without stripping out the natural oils in the coat while adding our exclusive blend of natural oils including Cade Oil which you will also find in products such as M-T-G, used to treat itch in horses.

Used regularly you can keep the horse clean, moisturised and reduce the need for the horse to scratch which is a good outcome helping to keep skin disorders at bay.

Yes, there are a host of shampoos on the market but once you try Dr Show shampoo and see how well it performs and that it is economically priced you will become a convert.



The Dr Show Float and Vehicle shampoo is biodegradable, safe on all surfaces and comes in a concentrated form so you get value whilst protecting your valuable assets.

This shampoo is specially formulated to make cleaning your float and vehicle easy with great long term benefits. The formulation has high grade cleaning agents which quickly and easily move stubborn waste from the back of the float to the bug splattered front of your vehicle.

Exclusive dual metal protectors and a non oil based wax in the formulation protects your float and vehicle from harmful corrosive acids, from horse urine to salt spray, which when used regularily will keep your rig in tip top condition and ready to roll out for the next weekend of events.

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